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Introducing Linden House

We have been teasing you with the odd photo of this project on our socials, and now is the time to formally introduce you to ‘Linden House’.

Within an idyllic garden oasis, Linden Farmhouse is a four bedroom home that has evolved from a two room cottage in the early 1900’s with various additions and changes over the years.

Our client approached us to design a small extension to their charming farmhouse in rural NSW, that would comprise a guest wing for visiting family and friends.

On review of the house and the brief, it became apparent that for any new works to be completed, the demolition of a 1970's children's rumpus, that was slowly sinking in to the ground and taking part of the farmhouse with it, needed to go.

In the end, the new works included the addition of a guest bedroom, full bathroom, additional toilet and reconstruction of the original children's rumpus - now for energetic little grandchildren to visit!

The garden is without doubt a hero feature of this property, so a key element to the brief was that the outside could be enjoyed from every viewpoint in the new spaces. Our design therefor ensured each new room framed the ever-changing views out onto the garden.

The new spaces needed to feel light and airy, maximising the warm morning sun in the cooler months. The guest bedroom has modern sliding doors to allow an easy step directly out to the expansive garden's sheltered courtyard area.

A natural colour palette flows throughout the interior finishes and outwards to the exterior materials, allowing a discreet and seamless integration with the existing farmhouse and surrounds.

The pared back finishes and neutral colour palette provide the perfect canvas for our client to fill the new spaces with treasured keepsakes, antique furniture pieces and beautiful hand-made children's toys saved for grandchildren to now enjoy.

The red bricks reference the rich, fertile red soil of the surrounding farmlands and are striking in appearance nestled within the lush green garden.

Our clients love of terracotta flows throughout, with the use of external pavers as tiles for the bathrooms and hallway that are bold but practical in a space designed to withstand the demands of daily country life.

Now complete, our client recently noted that there is no need for artwork; owing to the vast windows throughout that frame different aspects of the garden beyond.


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