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What's your story?

Riverina Ramble will be a self-guided or group led tour of our region planned for 2022.

Over the course of a weekend you will experience places and encounter a range of creative performances that share stories from our backyard. These encounters will include a range of theatre, poetry, dance and other performances within unique, off the beaten track buildings and landscapes.​

For the weekend, we will commission a series of performance and visual art experiences with creative professionals. The intention is that creatives will develop artworks and performances that take inspiration from community stories or histories.

Every community has a myth or legend that is told in so many ways that no one know can confirm the actual course of events. We’ve all heard of an infamous committee meeting, pitchforks at a town hall, the shenanigans of a local larrakin or a great community event.

In the same way, our families share those oral traditions which form part of our lived experience in specific spaces and places. These stories vary with interpretation and retelling; like the community myths we don’t know where the origin lies.

​Armed with a collection of stories and experiences we will curate a collection of potential sites that can be opened to the public. While many of the locations will be buildings we also hope to include the natural environment with places like Kyffins Reserve, Mulwala or the sand dunes around Lake Urana.

We want to hear your version; we want to hear where they took place and what they mean to you.

Disclaimer: Stories will be held confidentially and will only be shared with artists or collaborators following approval being sought from individuals in any story.


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