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96 Sanger Street

Bpangerang Country

Regional Design Service



A living room for the community and our home for design.

When we started Regional Design Service it all began in a 3 x 8m shopfront in Corowa that cost us $100 a week rent. Crazy...

After three years in the studio and after some crazy days of 5 team members, 2 dogs and a client meeting with two parents and three children we realised that it was time to find a new home.

Our dream was to find somewhere big enough for an open plan workspace and provide ample room to run and host community workshops, events and exhibitions. By chance, this space became available however it was dark and full of small offices with little opportunity for us to work they way we wanted. So, we had everything removed - back to the primary walls, made goof the floor, ceiling and walls and started again.

The result is a space that begins with a flexible exhibition and retail space, followed by a meeting area (with a cosy fireplace for winter), an open plan central workstation for 8+, another casual meeting space, accessible toilet, kitchenette and rear courtyard.

After moving in, Covid 19 struck the world however we have still been able to host two exhibitions, a Christmas retail pop-up and numerous community events, forums and workshops.

From a sustainability perspective, almost the entire fitout is second hand from workstations, feature lighting, chairs and our library shelving which came from the pharmacy that original occupied the building.

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