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We firmly believe that good design makes for good citizens and consequently we are involved in Government, Community and Private (Domestic and Commercial) project work.

Aaron Nicholls

Director of Business

Aaron has over 20 years global expertise in the industry, having worked with design institutions Vitra, Fritz Hansen, Herman Miller and Artemide.

He has gathered high-level experience in Business Development, Project, Client, Product and Brand Management; and enjoys Furniture, Product and Lighting Design - taking a lead role with Interiors at the practice.

Aaron is driven to deliver intelligent creative and strategic solutions, and has a deep passion for building and nurturing collaborative working relationships between key stakeholders.

Phillip Nielsen

Design Director / Architect

Phillip is a Registered Architect with over 13 years’ experience working on delivery of conceptual and detail design of projects across Australia.

Phillip's design expertise evolved between Melbourne and Brisbane, working at internationally respected studios, where he established his unique design approach.

Motivated by a passion to understand how Regional communities perceive built environment, Phillip is continuously provoking conversation with clients, community groups and local councils alike; so they may better understand the role of Architecture.

Our team has a diverse background in Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design, Placemaking, Graphic Design and Visual Arts.

We feel being ‘on the ground’ for rural and regional clients of all scales and types to be a distinct advantage - and often results in reduced projects costs, increased long-term community engagement and well-resolved design outcomes.


With a diverse background our team have been involved in the design of a varied range of spaces from your local café through to international hotels, wineries and workplaces.

We understand the complexities of delivering a commercial project of any size; from tight budgets, to embedding your brand. all whilst allowing flexibility for your business to evolve and meet your customer or client's expectations.


If you're embarking on a refresh of your business or something bigger, we'd love to hear your ideas.


A place to call home that feels like you is all anyone really wants. A place where you can relax, be yourselves and find an ease of living.

One of our core passions is working with clients looking to build a new home, or transform an existing one into something that truly embodies their personalities.

Our approach is part problem solving, a dash of marriage counselling, reading between the lines, and lots of laughter, that results in designs built around you, for you.


Working in partnership with local councils and community organisations, we’re inspired to create designed outcomes that deliver on brief, but with a refined detailing and design intention towards user experience.

We know how to look beyond the brief for opportunities, and understand innately the considerations that must be given to adaptable, practical and robust design, how to appropriately design for public use and weather events, and how to create a building that the community can engage with.

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