Wiradjuri Country

Public Architecture

Tender Submission

Batlow is a small town near the Snowy Mountains in NSW. Its local Council sought designs for a multi-purpose community Library and meeting place. Our research and response allowed us to draw influence from Australian agricultural architecture and reinterpret this into a flexible and contemporary community ‘living room’, without relying on the (all-too-common) literal application of (predictable) materials.


The proposal incorporated a large hipped roof which was inspired by shearing sheds, outbuildings and homesteads of the region and the proposed colour palette both engaging and sophisticated. Community collaboration is so important to us in assembling designs such as this, so we also focused on defined zoning of the floor plate to allow for transparency and communication. The flexible plan also allowed for changes to library operation and community use for decades to come.


Whilst we were narrowly “pipped-at-the-post” on being engaged for this one, participating in the response was valuable design experience which goes on to inform our future work.