Shape The Future of Barkly Park

Corowa-based Architects, Regional Design Service have been engaged by Committee members of the Rutherglen Football, Netball and Cricket Clubs to undertake a Strategic Masterplanning exercise.

The project seeks to identify and capitalise on the idyllic rural location, historical ties to the existing site and vision of younger Members for the precinct’s future - through the development of an Architectural Masterplan.

The Masterplan's aim is to:

  • Identify and document buildings, fields, courts structures, landmarks and places of interest in and around the existing Barkly Park precinct,  Rutherglen

  • Explore and develop initiatives for the conservation, refurbishment, re-purposing or replacement of buildings, structures, sports fields, courts, amenities and landscaping elements

  • Map and analyse vehicular and pedestrian paths and roadways in and around the precinct

  • Explore and develop Visitor Experience opportunities, such as the inclusion of better spectator facilities, children’s play areas, parking etc.

  • Explore and develop new Membership experiences -such as sponsored elements of the design to assist with fundraising, after hours access to gyms etc.

  • Explore, attract and develop the inclusion of new sports to the precint

  • Investigate and develop opportunities for other Community groups to use elements of the facility, eg:

    • Children’s Playgroups

    • Health and fitness groups eg Yoga,  Tai-Chi etc

    • Business and Community groups booking the space for meeting,  conferences etc.


This survey will provide valuable information to the the committee and Regional Design Service. Your input is valued and will be reflected in the report compiled at the end of the masterplanning process.

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