Bangerang Country

Public Architecture

Completed 2019

Regional Design Service were engaged by Federation Council to formulate a design for a well-used (but ageing) local amenity, located on a flood plain.


We approached the opportunity with the idea that the design should be modulated and adaptable enough to allow future ease-of-replacement of other ageing facilities in the municipality.


Our resulting concept was based on robust materiality - steel, concrete, timber, compact laminate and polycarbonate roofing. At ground level each material needed to withstand the demands of public use, vandalism and flood events.


Should future floods pass through the precinct, all the materials except the timber, will remain unchanged. As a departure, the timber will weather and be marked left with ‘tide marks’ from the peak level of the flood waters. Over the years, the community will be able to be offered an ephemeral reminder of their place in an ever changing landscape.

Builder - Ultra Project Services

Photography - Georgie James